Fora, Temer! Fica, Temer!…
Out, Temer! Stay, Temer!…

In this video, I talk about recent developments in our tropical House of Cards. Things are getting pretty nasty around here, and everyone seems to be losing their right perspective about what to feel, think or do regarding Michel Temer’s presidency. If you understand Brazilian Portuguese, have fun! 😉


A Vigarista Francesinha Ataca Novamente!…
Frenchie La Crook Strikes Again!…


A propósito do vídeo imediatamente anterior, aqui está o novo cartão de visitas da “professora” de Francês também conhecida como “Vigarista da Mandioca”.

By the way, the immediately preceding video led The Lessa Blog to freely advertise Dilma Rousseff’s (a.k.a. “the Yucca Swindler”) business card in her new capacity as a French teacher.


A Vigarista Francesinha
Frenchie La Crook


This video serves as a record of one more idiotic behavior displayed by former president Dilma Rousseff for the whole world to see. This time, she attempted to speak French in front of an incredulous Swiss audience (she can barely speak Brazilian Portuguese, her own language!). The stupidity of this woman knows no bounds!