Bateu, Levou

Sao Paulo’s current mayor, Joao Doria, was harshly criticized by former president Lula da Silva in a speech. The criminal who insists on playing politics to evade Justice finished his remarks by saying that whoever met Mr. Doria should ask him about his (blue) booklet of employment record, insinuating that Mr. Doria, a wealthy man in his own right, never worked. Right after these remarks, Mr. Joao Doria recorded the video above, calling Lulla da Silva a “coward” and a “liar”, besides being completely “misinformed.” Mr. Doria showed his booklet and went on to say that he started working when he was 13 years old. “I’ve done something for all my life that you seldom have had the chance to do — I have worked, I have done honest work. I am a decent man, I am different from you, Lulla. I’ve worked all my life to amass a moral standing that you do not possess, Lulla. My sons are proud of me because their father works. The father works, he does no steal, he is a decent man, he is a Brazilian.” Mr. Doria also told Lulla to get his act together and work on being well-informed.


O Desabafo
The Outburst


This man, who identifies himself as “Duca Democrático”, leader of the so-called Sao Paulo’s Popular Buzz Movement, uses very graphic language to describe his dissatisfaction with the current political situation in Brazil. The Lessa Blog has decided to publicize this video not only because it agrees with some of the essence (not necessarily with the tone) but also because it shows how radical and dangerous the situation is getting. Attention: very graphic language.



Você Conhece Estes Indivíduos?
Do You Recognize These People?

Eles foram fotografados em São Paulo abastecendo o avião do ministro Teori Zavascki no dia do acidente fatal. Qualquer informação deve ser repassada às autoridades policiais.

These two were photographed in Sao Paulo refueling the airplane that took Justice Zavascki to his death in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro later that same day. Any information should be given to the authorities.


Sandro Vaia, Paris e São Paulo
Sandro Vaia, Paris and Sao Paulo

sandro_vaiaA prefeita de Paris disse que votaria em Haddad se morasse em Sao Paulo.
Eu também votaria em Haddad para prefeito de Sao Paulo se morasse em Paris.

The mayor of Paris said that she would vote for Haddad if she lived in Sao Paulo.
I, too, would vote for Haddad for mayor of Sao Paulo if I lived in Paris.



Claudio Lessa Por Escrito
Claudio Lessa in writing

As notícias dos jornais são de que o canalha multi-criminoso José Dirceu estaria lamentando o abandono de seus companheiros de quadrilha neste momento de dificuldade, em que ele estava para ser e acabou sendo preso. Isso me fez lembrar de uma conversa, ocorrida há vários anos, com uma então deputada, petralha de primeira hora, com influência na região de Santos, São Paulo. Ao descrever os métodos da quadrilha, ela fez questão de afirmar que naquele meio, quem caísse ficava para trás. Ninguém daria meia volta para socorrer um dos seus. Caiu, caiu. Que se lasque. E aí, ao me lembrar das palavras dessa hoje ex-deputada, fico tentando entender o motivo de tanto choro e ranger de dentes. Afinal, o canalha José Dirceu rezou por essa cartilha durante toda a sua vida. Será que agora, quando ele provou a colherada, achou  o gosto do remédio amargo demais?

News stories around Brazil tell us that the scoundrel, multi-criminal Jose Dirceu is said to be very dissatisfied with the fact he is being abandoned by his fellow gang members in this moment of difficulty, when he was about to and ended up being jailed. That reminded me of a conversation I had, several years ago, with a then-congresswoman, founder of the Workers Party, with her political influence extended over the Santos, Sao Paulo region. When she described the gang’s methods, she was very precise and rough to explain one thing: in that environment, anyone who fell was left behind. No one would turn back to try and save the fallen buddy. It is remembering the words of that former congresswoman that I try to understand so much weeping and gnashing of teeth. After all, this scoundrel — Jose Dirceu — lived all his life practicing this philosophy. Would he be finding the taste of this medicine too bitter, now?


Sandro Vaia, o Agradecido
A thankful Sandro Vaia

sandro_vaiaUm dos maiores problemas urbanos de uma grande metrópole de 10 milhões de habitantes, sem dúvida, é o fígado de ganso.
Parabéns ao governo Haddad por enfrentar o problema.

One of Sao Paulo’s greatest problems (a 10 million+ people metropolis) is, without question, the fois gras. Congratulations to mayor Haddad for courageoulsy facing that challenge.