Uma Piada Esfaqueada…
A joke stabbed…


O Blog do Lessa acredita que o Pixuleco nada mais é do que uma grande e muito bem bolada piada… e que, quando as pessoas começam a esfaquear piadas, é sinal de que tudo vai muito, muito mal, mesmo.

What angers a Workers Party militant?
Raising taxes
Country in a recession
  Cuts in FIES (Student financing programs), FGTS and PIS (workers’ benefits)
A 9 billion reais (some 3 billion dollars) Education budget cut
Embezzlement at Petrobras and BNDES
A 60% increase on the electricity bill
Unemployment and inflation
Lies during the electoral campain
Businesses and factories shutting down
Worsening the dollar-real exchange rate, raising public debt
Consecutive increases of the interest rates
Wrongful use of pension funds
A hole in general government accounts
+ “Pixuleco”, the inflatable doll

The Lessa Blog believes that the “Pixuleco”  is nothing more than a great, well-conceived joke… and that when people start to stab jokes, it’s because things are going in a VERY wrong direction.