Carlos Marchi, Dilma, Aécio e o Perdão…
Carlos Marchi, Dilma, Aecio and Forgiveness…

marchi2Para responder às denúncias de irregularidades na campanha de Dilma Rousseff, os petistas estão escavando as contas de Aécio Neves.
A intenção? Descobrir alguma coisinha e dar a óbvia desculpa do “todo mundo faz”.
Para responder às denúncias das pedaladas dílmicas, já estão respondendo: “Ah, FHC pedalou, 17 governos estaduais pedalaram…”
Nessa toada, não haverá mais divisão entre “certo” e “errado”, entre “legal” e “ilegal”, entre “honesto” e “ladrão”.
Vai lá e assalta um banco. Quando a polícia chegar, você diz: “Ah, Marcinho VP também roubou banco.”
Pela moral deles, se você descobrir alguém que praticou aquela irregularidade primeiro, tá perdoado.

In order to answer the accusations of misconduct during Dilma Rousseff’s campaign, PT (Workers Party’s) operatives are digging into Aecio Neves’ accounts and spending.
The intention? To find some little thing and come up with the obvious excuse: “Everyone does it.”
In order to answer to the accusations of fiscal misconduct (the so-called “fiscal pedaling”), they are already saying that “Oh, (former prez) Fernando Henrique Cardoso did it, 17 state governments did it…”
Following this path, there will be no more division between “right” and “wrong”, between “legal” and “illegal”, between “honest” and “thief”.
You may go there to rob a bank. When the police comes, you just say… “Well, (famous Brazilian criminal) Marcinho VP also robbed banks.”
According to their morals, if you find someone who has been accused of misconduct before, then you’re forgiven.


A Sacada de Laerte Rimoli
Laerte Rimoli’s take

Laerte_RimoliExplicação, desesperada, da destrambelhada Dilma: “pedaladas surgiram antes de nós”. Nenhum compromisso com a lei. Se outros erraram, o PT amplia o erro. O resultado é visível a olho nu. Basta ir a um supermercado.

A desperate explanation by mentally disorganized Dilma: “the ‘pedaladas’ (illegal fiscal maneuvers) came before we did.” In other words, no respect for the law. If others made a mistake, the Workers Party enlarges it. The result is visible to the naked eye. Just go to a supermarket.


PT x PT, ou… Bandido contra Bandido
PT x PT, or… criminal versus criminal


O Blog do Lessa acrescenta que as pedaladas continuam em 2015, desafiando frontalmente a LRF.

The story above, published by Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, indicates that former president Lula da Silva, a.k.a. Brahma, personally encouraged the TCU (federal accounting office) minister in charge of analyzing Dilma Rousseff’s numbers to go on the record against the so called “pedaladas fiscais” (a term used to describe the criminal scheme set up by Dilma’s team where the payments to be disbursed by the Treasury were being actually paid by official banks, like Banco do Brasil and Caixa Economica Federal, in express violation of the Fiscal Responsibility Act). Lula’s action occurred at the same time he started to openly criticize his protegé’s administration. The Folha de S.Paulo newspaper reports that Lula told TCU minister Jose Mucio Monteiro, a close ally, he thought it was reasonable that the TCU requested additional explanation regarding the fiscal maneuvers. As described above, public banks use their own resources to make payments for the administration, which is illegal. Tha Lula-Mucio talks occurred when the minister’s vote, criticizing the delay in transfers from the Treasury to the banks, was already written. According to some reports, Lula said that this “would give the president a scare”. Mucio’s vote concluded that the fiscal maneuvers by former Finance minister Guido Mantega’s team in 2013 and 2014 caused harm to the Fiscal Responsibility Act.
The Lessa Blog adds that the illegal maneuvers have continued unabated throughout 2015, challenging the Fiscal Responsibility Act. In the next weeks, it is expected that TCU formally decides against the maneuvers, opening the door for Rousseff’s impeachment proceedings in Congress.