Diferença na Informação
Difference in Information


The picture on top shows Cuban demonstrators turning their backs to Fidel’s coffin. This uncensored version is circulating in the social media and presents a larger number of demonstrators, all of them in focus.
The picture below, published by unabashedly leftist Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s online site, has been censored. It has been cropped to show less people, with those remaining completely out of focus.
None of the Brazilian TV networks showed this protest.


Meus 2 Centavos sobre Fidel Castro
My 2 Cents on Fidel Castro

This video was posted live on Facebook right after news of Fidel Castro’s death was announced. Besides the celebration with a drink (Cuba Libre — Rum & Coke), I tell a story about my life as a translator for the OAS – Organization of American States when I was living in the U.S. One day, I received a portion of the Human Rights report and part of it concerned the situation in Cuba. After a while doing the translation, I started to cry and could not stop it. The conditions described on the report were horrendous, atrocious, abject. Besides killing his people and spreading terror all over Latin America, Fidel Castro has left a legion of followers who have caused great damage in other countries. Criminals like Lula da Silva, José Dirceu and Dilma Rousseff are direct examples of this filthy heritage. Fidel Castro is finally dead! Cheers!


As Sábias Palavras de Silvana Destro
Silvana Destro’s Wise Words

Antes de sintonizar a Globonews, tome um engov, pois a programação pode provocar vômito. Dizer que o assassino Fidel Castro foi um democrata é tripudiar em cima da história, dos fatos e de milhares de pessoas que padeceram nas mãos desse canalha. E viva o controle remoto!

Before you tune in to GloboNews, take some anti-emetic medication, because the broadcast could make you puke. To say that Fidel Castro, the murderer, was a democrat is to trample over History, facts and thousands of people that suffered in the hands of this son of a bitch. And… long live the remote control!