A Tragédia Brasileira
The Brazilian tragedy

O valor do dólar subiu 10% no mês de julho em relação ao real. Cotação de fechamento: R$3,42 para US$1.
É o maior patamar da moeda desde 2003. Para o Blog do Lessa, a situação só tende a piorar enquanto o Brasil continuar sem governo.

In July 2015, the dollar increased its value by 10 percent vis-à-vis the real. Exchange rate on July 31st: US$1 was worth RS3,42.
It is the largest difference since 2003. The Lessa Blog believes that this situation will only get worse, as long as Brazil remains without a government.


You know, Dr. George, I feel less valued each day that goes by…


O PT é uma Desgraça
The Workers Party is a disgrace


One dollar was worth 1 real 67 cents on Jan 1, 2011 (when Dilma Rousseff began her first term)
One dollar is currently worth 3 reais 34 cents (as of July 24, 2015)
The dollar doubled its value.
That means a 100 reais bill is now worth 50 reais.
The economic policies of the Workers Party un-administration is a disgrace.
The Workers Party is a disgrace.