A Empulhação Safada do 13º Salário no Brasil
Brazil’s “Thirteenth Salary” BS

This video was posted on Facebook and basically talks about the bulls**t created in Brazil decades ago about a fictitious thirteenth salary. This has been touted by the press and the administrations as a benefit, not a right. More recently, state governments have been announcing their impossibility to pay the so-called “thirteenth salary”. Citing lack of funds, those state governments split payment in several installments, creating havoc among workers. Worse: nobody in Brazil ever thought this is not a benefit. Nobody ever cared to inspect the calendar to find out that there are thirteen months hidden in a twelve-month calendar. I mention the solution to the problem: copying the U.S. system of bi-weekly payments. 26 payments (adding up to 13 months) are made without the so-called “thirteenth salary”, since those 26 payments already represent 13 months. I also suggest a way of transforming this into reality, either by contacting the representatives (senators or congressmen) to request they come up with a bill changing the payment system, or a popular initiative bill, which would require the signature of millions of Brazilians all over the country. The time has come to place this issue on the discussion table. The country cannot wait anymore.