Alexandre de Morais – Meus 2 Centavos
Alexandre de Morais – My 2 Cents

In this video, I address the issue of Alexandre de Morais not having the necessary moral standings to fill the seat at the Brazilian Supreme Court. I explain that in 2000, he wrote a lengthy thesis in which he clearly stated that no person working for the Executive Branch should accept a nomination for the Supreme Court because that would be construed as a form of thanking/compensating the nominee, or even having that nominee to act as a shield for the president or other members of the Executive branch if legal issues came up. That written declaration of principles was blatantly ignored by an opportunist Alexandre de Morais, who readily accepted the nomination. A very bad, a very sad start. I finish my comments saying that it’s because of scum like Alexandre de Morais and others that Brazil is still a place that has to get a lot better to be considered just bad.