As Mentiras que a Petralhada Conta…
The lies told by the petralhas*…


Uma delas é essa… Os detalhes acima foram publicados na edição de 22 de agosto de 2015 do Jornal do Commercio, em Recife. Página 7, seção de Política.

One of them is this one, printed above. The details were discussed on the Aug. 22, 2015 issue of Recife’s “Jornal do Commercio”. The note was printed on page 7, Politics section.
On the news… “Lie about the More Doctors” — The federal administration is spreading an ad all over the country saying that in two years, the “More Doctors” program has cared for more than 63 million Brazilians. If this astounding number — roughly a third of Brazil’s population — is divided by the number of doctors in the program (14 thousand) and by the days and hours worked in that period, each professional has “seen” 9 thousand 375 patients per day, or… one every 9 seconds.
*”Petralhas – A socially acceptable derogatory word to describe the criminals and dumb-asses that disguise themselves as voters and elected officials under the Workers Party. In essence, everyone belonging to the PT.


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