As Contradições de Gilmar
Gilmar Mendes’ Contradictions

In this video, I talk about Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes’ contradictions. As a jurist and author of books on Constitutional Law, Justice Mendes writes and teaches one thing but practices exactly the opposite, as it was the case on the vote involving a habeas corpus for former president Lula da Silva.


LULA NA CADEIA – As Manchetes!
LULA IN JAIL – The Headlines

Estas são algumas das manchetes que o Blog do Lessa aguarda há vários anos. Demoraram, mas chegaram!

These are some of the headlines the Lessa Blog has been waiting for so many years. It’s been a long time coming!


STF x Lula – O Dia Seguinte
Brazilian Supreme Court x Lula – The Day After

Quais as perscpectivas (e piadas) que brotam a partir da decisão do STF de permitir a prisão do canalha cachaceiro de Atibaia? É o que mostra o vídeo.

What are the perspectives (and jokes) that have come up since the Brazilian Supreme Court decision to allow former president Lula’s arrest? That’s what this video shows. Good for practicing your Brazilian Portuguese language skills!


O Fracassso da Politicalha
Politicking’s Failure

In this video, I remind Brazilian voters about the outright lies the old-school (and newcomers, too) politicians keep telling everyone. Glaring examples are Sao Paulo’s mayor Joao Doria, current president Michel Temer and current Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin. Three shameful examples of people who should not be in a position of power in this country.


STF _ Momento Decisivo
Brazilian Supreme COurt – A Decisive Moment

In this video, I talk about how tragic it will be if the Brazilian Supreme Court justices decide to grant a preventive habeas corpus to Lula, the greatest thief Brazil (and certainly a good portion of the Western civilization) has ever known, besides reminding everyone that Brazil is running towards becoming a new Venezuela.


A Picaretagem no STF
The Supreme Court Sham

At the Brazilian Supreme Court, justices resort to a very immoral scheme known as a “request for examination” of the paperwork related to a suit, any suit. Instead of returning the paperwork promptly and proceeding with trial, they sit on it for months, even years, causing heavy losses to the parties in dispute. In the case of people (usually high authorities) being prosecuted, the crimes prescribe and they are set free.


A Empulhação Safada do 13º Salário no Brasil
Brazil’s “Thirteenth Salary” BS

This video was posted on Facebook and basically talks about the bulls**t created in Brazil decades ago about a fictitious thirteenth salary. This has been touted by the press and the administrations as a benefit, not a right. More recently, state governments have been announcing their impossibility to pay the so-called “thirteenth salary”. Citing lack of funds, those state governments split payment in several installments, creating havoc among workers. Worse: nobody in Brazil ever thought this is not a benefit. Nobody ever cared to inspect the calendar to find out that there are thirteen months hidden in a twelve-month calendar. I mention the solution to the problem: copying the U.S. system of bi-weekly payments. 26 payments (adding up to 13 months) are made without the so-called “thirteenth salary”, since those 26 payments already represent 13 months. I also suggest a way of transforming this into reality, either by contacting the representatives (senators or congressmen) to request they come up with a bill changing the payment system, or a popular initiative bill, which would require the signature of millions of Brazilians all over the country. The time has come to place this issue on the discussion table. The country cannot wait anymore.


Reflexões Sobre o Momento Político…
A Few Thoughts on the Political Moment…

This video was posted live on Facebook and is being shared here. Essentially, I say that when it appears that president Michel Temer’s closest associates are (finally) starting to leave the administration, based on the accusations surfaced during plea bargaining on the Car Wash scandal, it is necessary for Temer to realize he does not have the luxury of time to waste. These departures should have happened (or be happening) long ago.
I start with a disclaimer: I did not vote for Michel Temer, but I believe he is the legal, legitimate man on the job who needs all our support to put Brazil back on track. Secondly, I don’t have any pet criminals. I cherish my political independence, and thus I think that anyone who sits on that chair or is around the president must be under an electronic microscope at all times, period.
I also say that Michel Temer should be acting decisively, as opposed to what he has been pathetically doing so regularly. He knows he needs Congress’ support to have his agenda implemented, but he also must know he can’s overstep that fine line that divides political maneuvering and politicking. That has very definite reason, something completely forgotten by everyone involved in this political cleansing process of late: Michel Temer cannot  be just honest; he has to give every appearance of honesty to everyone. Therefore, if any member of his cabinet is involved in serious accusations, he/she must leave the administration, take care of his defense outside the government and then — and only then, come back, if it is the case.
The way things have been conducted by this administration regarding maintaining the appearance of seriousness of business has been completely flawed and is leaving everybody worried about the chances that Michel Temer may not have enough political fuel to arrive at the end of the race in 2018.


Meus 2 Centavos sobre Fidel Castro
My 2 Cents on Fidel Castro

This video was posted live on Facebook right after news of Fidel Castro’s death was announced. Besides the celebration with a drink (Cuba Libre — Rum & Coke), I tell a story about my life as a translator for the OAS – Organization of American States when I was living in the U.S. One day, I received a portion of the Human Rights report and part of it concerned the situation in Cuba. After a while doing the translation, I started to cry and could not stop it. The conditions described on the report were horrendous, atrocious, abject. Besides killing his people and spreading terror all over Latin America, Fidel Castro has left a legion of followers who have caused great damage in other countries. Criminals like Lula da Silva, José Dirceu and Dilma Rousseff are direct examples of this filthy heritage. Fidel Castro is finally dead! Cheers!


As Sábias Palavras de Silvana Destro
Silvana Destro’s Wise Words

Antes de sintonizar a Globonews, tome um engov, pois a programação pode provocar vômito. Dizer que o assassino Fidel Castro foi um democrata é tripudiar em cima da história, dos fatos e de milhares de pessoas que padeceram nas mãos desse canalha. E viva o controle remoto!

Before you tune in to GloboNews, take some anti-emetic medication, because the broadcast could make you puke. To say that Fidel Castro, the murderer, was a democrat is to trample over History, facts and thousands of people that suffered in the hands of this son of a bitch. And… long live the remote control!


Black Friday no Brasil é na Quinta…
In Brazil, Black Friday is on Thursday…

A Black Friday do Brasil começa hoje no Congresso Nacional. A propaganda promete uma super-oferta de moralidade, mas na verdade o pacote é de impunidade total.

Brazil’s Black Friday starts today in Congress. The ads promise an overwhelming morality sale, but the package to be delivered truly is of complete impunity.


Se Ele Apenas Tirasse a Mão…
If Only He Removed His Hand…


The headline from O Globo newspaper on November 22, 2016 says that “Temer does not see a reason to remove Geddel”.
This blog firmly believes  that it is most unfortunate that this is happening. It was hoped that the Temer administration, composed of certified crooks, would put the knowledge of these crooks — now supposedly converted to saving the country — to good use, at a moment when everyone in Brazil wants to see the end of corruption and the emergence of sound political practices. The Geddelgate proves this blog wrong, unfortunately.


Hora de Seguir em Frente
Time to move on


Lamento, sinceramente, que os dias pós-eleição presidencial nos EUA estejam tão conturbados. Mas não estou surpreso.
Na peleja eleitoral, achei que Hillary — que parece ter a bunda tão suja quanto seu rival, Donald Trump — era um mal menor. Torci por ela, votei nela. Ela perdeu, fim de linha. Fim de jogo. Trump vai governar pelos próximos 4 anos e os Democratas vão amargar a oposição. E… por que não estou surpreso?
A foto (retirada do site do jornal O Globo) que ilustra este post, de um jovem completamente desorientado na Quinta Avenida em NYC fazendo protesto contra a eleição de Trump, explica bem. Numa das mãos, ele segura um cartaz com a surrada frase-chavão da esquerdopatia: “o povo, unido, jamais será vencido”; na outra, um cartaz com uma frase do presidente (Republicano!) Theodore Roosevelt: “Patriotismo é ficar ao lado de seu país, não de seu presidente.”
Vejo que, neste momento, é hora de ficarmos ao lado dos EUA, sem nos importarmos com quem seja o presidente. É Trump? Que seja Trump. Fazer o quê? Manter os checks and balances “positivos e operantes”, de forma a não permitir qualquer deslize ou desatino do novo presidente. Só isso.
Hmmm… Vale lembrar que Teddy Roosevelt foi o mesmo que proferiu outra frase famosa, por sinal: “Fale manso, mas leve consigo um porrete bem grande. Você irá longe.”

I sincerely regret the troubled post-election days in the U.S., but I am not surprised.
During the campaign, I believed that Hillary Clinton — who seems to have her behind as dirty as Trump’s — was the lesser evil. I wanted her to win, I voted for her. She lost, and that’s the end of the (electoral) game. Trump will rule for the next 4 years and the Democrats will have to endure being in the opposition. And… why am I not surprised?
The picture above (borrowed from O Globo newspaper), that shows a completely disoriented young man on NYC’s Fifth Avenue demonstrating against Trump’s election, explains it well.
In one hand, he holds a poster with the leftists’s beaten cliché: “the people, united, will never be defeated”; the other hand holds a poster with words by (Republican!) Theodore Roosevelt: “Patriotism is standing by your country, not by your president.”
Therefore, it seems to me that right now is the perfect time to stand by the U.S., regardless of who the country’s president may be. Is it Trump? So be him, so be Trump. What to do? Maintain cheks and balances in full operation in order to avoid any foolishness, any misuse of power by the new president, that’s all.
Hmmm… It’s worth noting, by the way, that it was the same Teddy Roosevelt who said the famous words: “Speak softly and carry a big stick. You will go far.”


Nada Como Um Dia Após o Outro…
Every Day is a New Day…


Ainda bem que já passou (exceto no Acre), mas ainda assim vale lembrar uma frase minha de 1 ano atrás que gerou reações inflamadas por parte da esquerdopatia até no plenário da Câmara dos Deputados: “Com um plantel feminino dos infernos, os desgovernos Lulla e Dillma foram um Halloween permanente.”
Hoje, para nosso alívio, temos… Marcela. E não custa repetir o poetinha: “As feias que me perdoem, mas beleza é fundamental.” 😉

We have finally turned the page (except in the state of Acre). However, at this juncture (as Bush Senior would say) it’s worth remembering something I said and wrote a year ago that caused an uproar among leftists all over the place, even on the floor of the Brazilian House of Reps: “With this hellish female squad, the Lulla and Dillma un-administrations were a permanent Halloween.”
Now, we are relieved to have… Marcela. And it’s worth remembering the poet’s words: “Ugly women must forgive me, but beauty is essential.”  😉