Fora, Temer! Fica, Temer!…
Out, Temer! Stay, Temer!…

In this video, I talk about recent developments in our tropical House of Cards. Things are getting pretty nasty around here, and everyone seems to be losing their right perspective about what to feel, think or do regarding Michel Temer’s presidency. If you understand Brazilian Portuguese, have fun! 😉


A Farsa Chega ao Fim
The Farce Comes to an End


This commentary is about the absolutely nasty job performed by Brazil’s electoral court acquitting the Rouseff-Temer ticket of all sorts of violations in the 2014 presidential election. A famous attorney has said that this is the first case she saw of an acquittal caused by an excess of evidence against the defendants.


A Reforma Suja da Previdência – Meus 2 Centavos
The Dirty Welfare Reform – My 2 Cents


In this video, I talk about the dirty tricks used by the administration in trying to hurry up approval of a murderous welfare reform. I explain with numbers why there is not a so-called “welfare deficit” and propose that the administration should do its homework before attempting to screw the Brazilian population with a terrible welfare reform.


Momento Pré-Greve – Meus 2 Centavos
A Pre-Strike Moment – My 2 Cents


In this video I talk about the absurdity of a strike orchestrated by a union intimately linked to the criminals of the Workers Party — especially the Master Thief, Lulla da Silva,, trying to disrupt the constitutional (popular or unpopular? It’s another entirely different question) government of Michel Temer. I stress the fact that Temer and his group are not to be trusted by any means, and that everyone must place the Planalto Palace occupants under an electronic microscope 24/7. This is the only way to get out of this political mess Brazil has gotten itself into.


Acorda, Presidente Michel Temer!
Wake Up, President Michel Temer!


This video-commentary is a very serious wake-up call to president Michel Temer. His administration seems to be on the brink of disaster, and he does not seem to be doing anything whatsoever to save it. He has no new plans, no bold initiatives, no nothing — and still wants to penalize the hard-working population in a crooked welfare reform. People are fed up with what is going on. Nobody wants the return of the criminals from the Workers Party — far from it!!! — but Michel Temer must do something to tend to the needs of the people. The main portion of this commentary was written by journalist Silvana Destro, from Sao Paulo, right after a pathetic exclusive interview given by Michel Temer to a Brazilian TV network (Bandeirantes). Just this afternoon (April 18) Congress was invaded by… police! Officers from all over Brazil came to protest against the welfare reform plans that are being discussed by congressmen. The situation will continue to escalate, unless president Temer decides to engage the public opinion and offer new, sound, sustainable alternatives.


O Fracasso de Domingo – Meus 2 Centavos
Sunday’s Failure – My 2 Cents


In this video, I try to emphasize the need for a change in the way organizers are planning demonstrations all over Brazil against the rotten politicians who keep playing dirty trick on us all the time. It’s not good enough to set a demonstration two months ahead of time. Things must happen on the spot, or shortly thereafter. As long this does not change, the popular reaction will dwindle and end up ceasing to exist altogether — which is everything the corrupt politicians in Brazil are dreaming of.


Sobre um Fim ao Terror Islâmico – Meus 2 Centavos
An End to Islamic Terror – My 2 Cents


In this video about the troubles caused by Islamic terror, I call for strict reciprocity and remind everyone that intolerance cannot be treated with tolerance. The strict reciprocity I refer to includes the prohibition of building of Mosques in the West, since it is forbidden to build Catholic, Protestant or other denomination churches in Arab/Muslim countries.


Lista Fechada – Meus 2 Centavos
Closed List – My 2 Cents


In this video I explain why the so called “closed list” is a very bad, very stupid idea to be adopted by the electoral system in Brazil. It’s just going to be one more imported idea that will not work mainly because Brazilians have a tendency to import just half of the ideas, distort them and then complain when they don’t work. This “closed list” is going to follow the same path.



João Dória & Michel Temer – Meus 2 Centavos
Joao Doria & Michel Temer – My 2 Cents


In this video, I talk about the absurdity of wasting someone like Joao Doria, current mayor of Sao Paulo, as a viable presidential candidate, and also discuss the lack of drive on the part of the current president, Michel Temer — a man incapable of coming with something new, something bold, something that could make him a president to be remembered.


Meus 2 Centavos sobre Fidel Castro
My 2 Cents on Fidel Castro

This video was posted live on Facebook right after news of Fidel Castro’s death was announced. Besides the celebration with a drink (Cuba Libre — Rum & Coke), I tell a story about my life as a translator for the OAS – Organization of American States when I was living in the U.S. One day, I received a portion of the Human Rights report and part of it concerned the situation in Cuba. After a while doing the translation, I started to cry and could not stop it. The conditions described on the report were horrendous, atrocious, abject. Besides killing his people and spreading terror all over Latin America, Fidel Castro has left a legion of followers who have caused great damage in other countries. Criminals like Lula da Silva, José Dirceu and Dilma Rousseff are direct examples of this filthy heritage. Fidel Castro is finally dead! Cheers!


Tudo o que Vocês Precisam é Amor
All you need is love

Não é de hoje, e não é só o Blog do Lessa que acredita nisso. O melhor conjunto de todos os tempos (no video aí em cima) já sabia disso e cantava sobre isso, também.

That is not new, and it’s not something only the Lessa Blog believes in. The best group ever (check the video above) already knew and sang about it way back when, too.


O Blog do Lessa é Hubert
The Lessa Blog is Hubert

Brazilian cartoonist Hubert talks about the act of censorship practiced against him by Facebook. He remembers that ever since the end of the military authoritarian regime of the 1960s, when he worked for weekly “O Pasquim” newspaper and had numerous jokes censored, no one expected the resurgence of censorship in Brazil. The Lessa Blog sides with Hubert in strongly rejecting this lame attempt against freedom of expression.  We’re sorry, Facebook, but… shame on you! 🙁


Claudio Lessa em 45 segundos
Claudio Lessa in 45 seconds

In essence, I present the petralha un-government in three acts. First, the gang alleges lack of money and does not pay the first half of the so-called 13th salary to pensioners and retired persons. Second, the Cassava Queen gives 500 million reais (approximately 150 million dollars) to politicians in exchange for their support at this near-impeachment time. Third, while doing everything wrong with the economy, the Woman-Sapiens gang has no shame: starts talking about a new (and dreaded) tax, known in Brazil as CPMF (it collects 0,38% of every bank transaction), expecting to raise some 83 billion reais (approximately 23 billion dollars). As it happened before (this tax has already been repealed once), the money that was supposed to be channeled to the Health Ministry was diverted to pay for everything else but health. No, not again!


Vale Muito a Pena Relembrar…
Worth remembering…

Esse vídeo foi publicado há quatro meses, mas continua atual. O comentário não inclui a mais recente série de cretinices da Mulher-Sapiens, nem a total ausência de manifestação de pesar oficial pela morte de um policial atleta, vitimado por um acidente de bicicleta nos EUA durante competição mundial. O video não entra nas pedaladas nem constata que a Rainha da Mandioca apenas espera os políticos se ajeitarem e escolherem o modus operandi para jogá-la para longe do Planalto. Ainda assim, parece que foi ontem.

This video (in Brazilian Portuguese) has been published four months ago. The commentary obviously does not include the most recent series of stupidities uttered by the Woman-Sapiens; it doesn’t mention the complete absence of (official) grief by the death of a police officer, an athlete who suffered a bicycle accident in the U.S. while competing in a world championship, either. The video does not get into the illegal fiscal maneuvers and does not register the fact the Cassava Queen now only waits for the politicians to make arrangements amongst themselves to throw her away from the Planalto Palace. Even so, it feels like yesterday.



Pobre Joaquim Levy…
Poor Joaquim Levy…

Vamos retomar os trabalhos no Blog do Lessa com música. Esse vídeo-galhofa sobre as trapalhadas de Joaquim Levy só é menos engraçado do que as trapalhadas que ele mesmo protagoniza, tentando ajudar o desgoverno petralha de Devassa Rousseff, a amiguinha do Brahma.

We resume our work at the Lessa Blog with music. This screwy video about Joaquim Levy’s screw-ups is only less funny than Levy’s  screw-ups themselves, while trying to help Dilma “Devassa” Rousseff’s un-government. As you know, Devassa is Brahma’s closest friend…