As Contradições de Gilmar
Gilmar Mendes’ Contradictions

In this video, I talk about Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Gilmar Mendes’ contradictions. As a jurist and author of books on Constitutional Law, Justice Mendes writes and teaches one thing but practices exactly the opposite, as it was the case on the vote involving a habeas corpus for former president Lula da Silva.


LULA NA CADEIA – As Manchetes!
LULA IN JAIL – The Headlines

Estas são algumas das manchetes que o Blog do Lessa aguarda há vários anos. Demoraram, mas chegaram!

These are some of the headlines the Lessa Blog has been waiting for so many years. It’s been a long time coming!


Publicado em “O Antagonista”
Published by “The Antagonist”

O Blog do Lessa assina embaixo.

The text above lists the major wrongdoings of the Workers Party along the years and clearly shows who is trying to misguide and sabotage the country’s affairs. The Lessa Blog wholeheartedly agrees with those terms. Use this as an exercise in Brazilian Portuguese, so you can improve your translation skills.


STF x Lula – O Dia Seguinte
Brazilian Supreme Court x Lula – The Day After

Quais as perscpectivas (e piadas) que brotam a partir da decisão do STF de permitir a prisão do canalha cachaceiro de Atibaia? É o que mostra o vídeo.

What are the perspectives (and jokes) that have come up since the Brazilian Supreme Court decision to allow former president Lula’s arrest? That’s what this video shows. Good for practicing your Brazilian Portuguese language skills!


O Fracassso da Politicalha
Politicking’s Failure

In this video, I remind Brazilian voters about the outright lies the old-school (and newcomers, too) politicians keep telling everyone. Glaring examples are Sao Paulo’s mayor Joao Doria, current president Michel Temer and current Sao Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin. Three shameful examples of people who should not be in a position of power in this country.


Ainda Continuamos Esperando Uma Explicação
We’re Still Waiting for an Explanation

The common citizen writes a check for R$500 (around US$120) and the Brazilian IRS knows about it. Odebrecht pays more than R$3,3 billion (around US$1,1 billion) in corruption money and the Brazilian IRS’s supercomputers never have a clue.
In order to send 10 euros abroad, it’s a savage bureaucracy. During decades, fortunes were transferred illegally from Brazil to other countries and nobody saw anything.
(Source: unknown)


A Verdade Por Trás da Reforma da Previdência
The Truth Behind the Brazilian Welfare Reform


This congressman, a representative from Ceará state (Northeastern Brazil), explains that companies and banks owe almost 500 billion reais (170 billion dollars) to the Brazilian welfare/retirement system. None of the administrations, including the current one, have ever tried to make these companies pay. Now, the Temer administration has decided that the people are going to fill this huge hole, paying the bill. That is absolutely unacceptable, and the Lessa Blog agrees with him. Welfare/Retirement reform? Yes. This welfare/retirement reform? NO!



A Sacada de Diego Casagrande
Diego Casagrande’s Take

Could anybody explain to me why so many people would want to live in the United States legally or ilegally when they don’t have CLT (consolidated labor laws) or Labor Courts, when they are not paid a “thirteenth salary” or don’t have paid maternity leave? How can one withstand a country where decisions about vacations, sick leave or national holidays are negotiated case by case between a company and its workers? Why so many people run the risk of dying in the desert, in the arid Mexican frontier and in the hands of the coyottes, if the U.S. does not have a SUS (unified health system) or a INSS (national welfare administration)? If in the U.S., workers need to have health insurance and save for an emergency? I want to understand how could the United States of America be the preferred country in the minds of all the planet’s immigrants if the country does not have free colleges, a country where families have to save for an entire life to see the dream of a diplomma come true?
Please help me understand how is it possible that so many Brazilians want to move to a country where the right to bear arms is guaranteed almost everywhere and people can even have rifles inside their homes to protect themselves? How can one feel safe in a nation that does not have a Disarmament Statute? Can anyone explain to me how can so many people want to move to a country where those who drink and drive spend a night in jail and, if they do it again, can be jailed for months or even years? A country where the corrupt get screwed? Please explain to me where is the logic in someone leaving a country that does not have life in prison or death penalty to live in another (in this case, the United States) where all this is a reality, not to mention chemical castration for rapists and pedophiles? How to live in a territory where minors can answer for their heinous crimes as adults? Tell me, how is it possible to live in a place where sheriffs, judges and prosecutors are elected by the community? How to live in a country where there is no job security for public servants, a place where anyone working in a town hall, for a state government or even for the federal government can be fired at will, even because of administrators’ strategic reasons?
It looks pretty difficult to understand why so many people in the world want to move to the United States. Actually, it it not. In the United States there are two magic words that must be followed by everyone: “freedom” and “responsibility”. Got it?

///”Critical Eye”, a column published on Metro Jornal Porto Alegre by Diego Casagrande, a professional journalist since 1993, anchor of “BandNews Porto Alegre First Edition at 9a.m.” and “Free Radio” talk show on Bandeirantes Radio, radio stations (94.9FM and 640AM) located in Porto Alegre, Brazil///


De Volta ao Presente
Back to the Present

O GLOBO – Monday, May 19, 1997
Hush-Hush Operation
It was enough for president Fernando Henrique Cardoso to give the Transportation and Justice ministries to Eliseu Padilha and Iris Rezende and the PMDB politicians made peace with the government. House of Reps president Michel Temer (PMDB-Sao Paulo), Eliseu Padilha and the PMDB leader in the House, Geddel Vieira Lima (Bahia), closed a deal during the weekend to suppress the scandal about votes being bought during the re-election (amendment) vote.


Um Aviso Gentil
A Gentle Warning

Mr. Graffer/Graffitist
On this wall, a graffiti is worth a shot
Your way of protesting is spreading graffiti on other people’s walls.
My way of protesting is shooting.
You do the graffiti, I shoot.
I can re-paint the wall, I can pay the attorney
but I want to see you resurrect after everything is said and done.
If you think this is worth the risk, go ahead!


Tomara que “O Antagonista” Esteja Certo!
Let’s Hope “The Antagonist” is Right!

O post abaixo foi publicado no excelente site O Antagonista. O Blog do Lessa torce para que a notícia seja confirmada em breve, e que vejamos essa dupla criminosa atrás das grades logo, logo.

The post above has been published by the well-informed Brazilian site “O Antagonista” (The Antagonist). The Lessa Blog fervently wishes this information is confirmed soon in order to have this criminal duo behind bars as early as possible.
It reads: “The U.S. will call for the imprisonment of Lula and Dilma” — Officials from the United States are going to ask that “Brazilian Official 1” and “Brazilian Official 2″ be jailed. Lula and Dilma Rousseff are finished.”