Carlos Marchi e as Tragédias da Esquerda
Carlos Marchi on the tragedies of the left

marchi2Duas tragédias assolam a esquerda em qualquer país ou época.
Uma é o caráter dinástico das suas sucessões. Exemplos atuais: os Castro em Cuba e os Kim Jong na Coréia do Norte.
Esse caráter dinástico é profundamente conservador, pois iguala a esquerda à tradição monarquista. Nega a democracia e ignora os interesses do povo.
Outra é a negação da meritocracia. Nos governos de esquerda o que prepondera é a pureza ideológica e a “confiança” política.
Não importa que o ocupante de um cargo tenha expertise ou seja capaz. Importa é que seja “cumpanhêru”.
A primeira tragédia faz com que esses governos terminem sendo terrivelmente impopulares.
A segunda faz com que fracassem administrativamente por sua generalizada incompetência.
Quando se esgotam, não caem simplesmente. Desabam.

Two tragedies ravage the left in any country or period.
One is the dynastic character of its successions. Current examples: Cuba’s Castros and North Korea’s Kim Jongs.
This dynastic character is deeply conservative because it places the left side by side with monarchist tradition. It denies democracy and ignores the people’s interests.
The other is the denial of meritocracy. In leftist governments, what prevails is the ideological purity and the political “trust”.
It doesn’t matter that any person in charge of something has the expertise or is able to perform his/her tasks. What matters is that he/she belongs to the “buddy system.”
The first tragedy makes those governments end up terribly unpopular.
The second tragedy makes them fail administratively because of their generalized incompetence.
When they are depleted, they don’t simply fall. They collapse.

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Ana Aquino e o Futuro em Pedaços
Ana Aquino on a shattered future

ana_aquinoEstou aqui, pentelhando, há muito, dizendo que se a denta fosse re-eleita, o país cairia num caos sem precedentes. Não porque eu seja um gênio, mas porque leio jornais, revistas e até fofocas. E isto era pedra cantada desde muito antes das eleições.
Só que nem no pior dos meus pesadelos, pensei que isto fosse acontecer tão rapidamente. Nem que o caos fosse tão agudo.
Cá estamos. E daqui não dá pra saber pra onde vamos.
Nunca antes na história deste país o futuro pareceu tão despedaçado.

I’ve been around here, being a pain in the ass for quite a while, saying that if the prez was reelected the country would plunge into unprecedented chaos. Not because I am a genius, of course, but because I read newspapers, magazines and even the gossip columns. And that was taken for granted way before the elections.
However, not even in my worst nightmares, I could imagine that this would happen so quickly — or that the chaos would be so intense.
Here we are. And from here it’s impossible to figure out where to go.
Never before in the history of this country our future seemed so shattered.

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lula_inf1 lula_inf2

Isto É o Brasil
This is Brazil

As notícias abaixo estão publicadas nas edições de hoje dos jornais Folha de S.Paulo e O Globo.
Leia com atenção os itens destacados. Veja quão esfarrapada é a desculpa usada por Rodrigo Janot para empurrar os crimes de Dilma Rousseff debaixo do tapete.
Para o Blog do Lessa este é o resumo da ópera: o procurador-geral parece estar com muita pressa de pagar suas dívidas com o demônio.


These reports were taken from today’s issues of Folha de S.Paulo and O Globo newspapers.
Read carefully the highlighted items. Notice how lame is the excuse given by Rodrigo Janot to defend his decision to push Dilma Rousseff’s crimes under the rug.
For The Lessa Blog, this is the bottom line: the federal prosecutor seems to be in a big hurry to pay his debts to the devil.

Petralhas, Quadrilha de Ladrões Escolados
Petralhas, a gang of skilled thieves

A edição desta semana da revista Época reproduz telegramas da embaixada brasileira em Cuba sobre o trabalho de Lula como lobista da Odebrecht. O desgoverno da rainha da Mandioca, é claro, tratou de classificar os telegramas como secretos, engavetando-os por 15 anos. Mas… foi obrigado a enviá-los ao Ministério Público Federal, que investiga o assunto. Um dos telegramas, em particular, revela com clareza como são escolados esses ladrões petralhas. Eles estão sempre à espreita, buscando as formas mais seguras de se manterem à sombra, longe dos holofotes, com o dinheiro roubado fora do alcance das autoridades e de quaisquer investigações. Veja esse telegrama, por exemplo. Ele enfatiza a necessidade de se manter o dinheiro roubado longe dos controles do OFAC — Office of Foreign Assets Control. Esse é um escritório do Departamento do Tesouro dos EUA que não brinca em serviço, como você poderá ver na descrição em inglês mais abaixo, tirada do site do Departamento do Tesouro. Se quiser ler mais a respeito do OFAC (em inglês), clique aqui.



This week’s issue of “Época” magazine shows telegrams from the Brazilian embassy in Cuba detailing former president Lula da Silva’s work as a lobbyist for Odebrecht. The Cassava Queen un-administration, of course, has classified those telegrams as “secret”, keeping them away from the public eye for fifteen years. However… the un-government has been forced to send them to the Federal Public Prosecutor, that is investigating the subject. One of the telegrams, shown above (in Brazilian Portuguese), clearly reveals how skilled those petralha thieves are. They are always on the lookout, searching  for ways to keep their activities and stolen money securely away from the law. The telegram above, for example, emphasizes the need to keep the stolen money away from OFAC’s interference. The Office of Foreign Assets Control is a branch of the Treasury Department that doesn’t mess around, as you can see from the description taken from the Treasury Department’s site and shown right below the telegram. If you want more information about OFAC, please click here.

Carlos Marchi e a Insanidade
Carlos Marchi on insanity

marchi2Com menos de 8% de ótimo/bom, só uma pessoa insana proporia criar novo imposto.
É completamente inviável, política e socialmente.
Mas ela insiste.
Por aí se avalia o desespero dentro do Palácio do Planalto. Dá pra notar?

With an approval rate that is less than 8%, only an insane person would propose the creation of a new tax.
It is completely unfeasible, politically and socially speaking.
But she insists.
But that allows one to evaluate the despair inside the Planalto Palace. Can you dig it?

Cinismo Sem Limites!…
Endless cynicism!…


Sem palavras… Essa mulher e sua gang têm que ir para o olho da rua imediatamente. (A manchete é do site da Folha de S.Paulo.)

In Brazilian Portuguese, no additional words are necessary to describe this obscene headline. However, for those who can’t understand well what’s going on in Brazil, here’s a summary of the obscenity: The un-government is trying to get a new tax (actually, an old tax back) in order to please politicians, give them plenty of money and thus reduce the overwhelming opposition in Congress. Since this “new” tax has less than zero chance of passing, the un-government is suggesting a “temporary” (two f***ing years!) tax. A former minister (Delfim Netto) has suggested to the vice-president a reduction of that term, to just one year. As this post’s headline states, this is a severe case of endless cynicism by those clinging desperately to power. It’s pathetic. The Lessa Blog believes this woman needs to be thrown out of office immediately. (This headline was picked from the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s site.)

Claudio Lessa em 45 segundos
Claudio Lessa in 45 seconds

In essence, I present the petralha un-government in three acts. First, the gang alleges lack of money and does not pay the first half of the so-called 13th salary to pensioners and retired persons. Second, the Cassava Queen gives 500 million reais (approximately 150 million dollars) to politicians in exchange for their support at this near-impeachment time. Third, while doing everything wrong with the economy, the Woman-Sapiens gang has no shame: starts talking about a new (and dreaded) tax, known in Brazil as CPMF (it collects 0,38% of every bank transaction), expecting to raise some 83 billion reais (approximately 23 billion dollars). As it happened before (this tax has already been repealed once), the money that was supposed to be channeled to the Health Ministry was diverted to pay for everything else but health. No, not again!

Sergio Garschagen em Alta Velocidade
Sergio Garschagen on high speed

sergioDescobriram um brasileiro mais lento que o Rubens Barrichelo: a Dilma Rousseff. Ele estava sempre atrasado mas ela levou um ano inteiro para perceber que o país que governa estava em crise.

An even slower Brazilian than former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello has been discovered: Dilma Rousseff. He was always late, but she took a full year to notice that the country she is in charge of was in a crisis.


Congratulations, Dilma! You saw the crisis right on time!

A Ordem das Coisas…
The order of things…


O Blog do Lessa apurou nos bastidores do Palácio do Planalto e descobriu que, durante a discussão da Mulher-Sapiens com o funcionário do cerimonial, o funcionário lhe teria dito: “Olhe, minha senhora, eu sou um diplomata, formado em cerimonial nas Faculdades Unidas Fernando Collor de Mello. Tenho que observar e praticar as boas maneiras. Primeiro passam os aleijados, e só depois passam os retardados.” Infelizmente, não foi possível obter comprovação independente desse diálogo. 😉

In essence, the news picked up from Folha de S.Paulo newspaper above says that Dilma got upset with the ceremonial portion of an event that occurred today at the Planalto Palace. When Dilma was called to greet the Brazilian 2015 Pan American athletes, a man held her still saying that she had to wait for the athletes in wheelchairs to go through first. That made Dilma argue with the man in charge of the ceremonial part of the event right there and then. While gesturing and moving her head negatively, she told the man that the event had to be better organized.
The Lessa Blog has worked behind the scenes to find out that during the exchange between the Woman-Sapiens and the diplomat in charge of the ceremony, he had allegedly told her: “Look, ma’am, I am a diplomat, graduated in ceremonial practices at the Fernando Collor de Mello United Colleges. I must observe and practice good manners. First I have to let the cripples go, and only then I allow the retarded to move.” Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain independent confirmation of this dialogue. 😉

A Mídia e os Bastidores da Política…
The Brazilian media on backstage politics…

A coluna Painel, da Folha de S.Paulo, publica hoje que “ministros do STF e o Palácio do Planalto reagiram com perplexidade diante da abertura da ação de cassação de mandato contra Dilma Rousseff pelo TSE. Ministros do Supremo que não atuam na Justiça Eleitoral avaliaram que a fragilidade política de Dilma é “sem precedentes.” A cozinha do governo foi pega de surpresa com a maioria pró-investigação, apesar de a ministra Luciana Lóssio ter pedido vista — prazo com o qual auxiliares da presidente contavam.” As primeiras providências na ação “devem ser solicitar material da Operação Lava Jato, de onde os ministros acreditam que podem vir provas de crimes eleitorais da petista.”

Folha de S.Paulo newspaper’s “Painel” column informs today that “the Brazilian Supreme Court justices and the Planalto Palace were puzzled by the opening of cassation* proceedings against Dilma Rousseff’s term in the TSE (Brazilian acronym for Superior Electoral Court). Brazilian Supreme Court justices who are not active in the electoral court have concluded that Dilma Rousseff’s political fragility is “unprecedented”. Government aides were surprised by the pro-investigation majority, although justice Luciana Lossio had requested to examine the paperwork — an extra time they were counting on.” The first steps in the proceedings “should be requesting material from the Car Wash Operation. That is where justices believe that proof of Dilma’s electoral crimes may come from.”
*Yeah, the word may seem strange, but it is the technical term for what’s going on. It is not a repeal, it is not an annulment, it is not an abrogation, it is not a cancellation. It is, indeed, a cassation.

A Mídia e os Bastidores da Política…(2)
The Brazilian media on backstage politics…(2)

A nota é do site O Antagonista: “Quem melou os planos de Dilma —
Dilma Rousseff, segundo a Folha de S. Paulo, “foi pega de surpresa” pelo TSE.
Ela “contava” com o pedido de vista da ministra Luciana Lóssio para conseguir barrar as investigações sobre o dinheiro sujo de sua campanha.
Luciana Lóssio, que fez carreira como advogada eleitoral de Dilma Rousseff e foi posta no TSE exatamente para isso, obedeceu às ordens do Palácio do Planalto e interrompeu o julgamento.
O que melou os planos do governo foi o pedido do ministro Henrique Neves para antecipar seu voto.
O entorno de Dilma Rousseff, “enfurecido”, passou a atacar Henrique Neves, “lembrando que, há pouco tempo, o ministro estava em campanha ostensiva para ser reconduzido ao TSE”.

This was published by “O Antagonista” site: “Who frustrated Dilma’s plans —
Dilma Rousseff, according to the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, “was caught by surprise” by the TSE (The Lessa Blog’s note: “TSE” is the Brazilian Portuguese acronym for Superior Electoral Court, a useless institution exclusively designed to spend taxpayer’s money).
She “counted on” Justice Luciana Lossio’s request to examine the documents in order to halt the investigations related to her campaign’s use of dirty money.
Luciana Lossio, a career electoral attorney who worked for Dilma Rousseff and was placed in the TSE exactly to do that, obeyed the Planalto Palace’s orders and halted the trial.
What frustrated the government’s plans was the request by Justice Henrique Neves to anticipate his vote.
Dilma’s surroundings became “irate” and started to attack Neves, “recalling that not too long ago he was in an explicit campaign to be reassigned to the TSE.”

É Simplesmente Obsceno
It is simply obscene

O Tribunal de Contas de União acaba de dar mais quinze dias para Dilma Rousseff se explicar, como se houvesse explicações possíveis. É uma obscenidade.

The Brazilian equivalent to the U.S. General Accounting Office has just given Dilma Rousseff fifteen more days to explain her fiscal crimes, as if there would be any explanation for them. It is an obscenity.

Emerson Sousa sobre a Imparcialidade
Emerson Sousa on being impartial

Mais uma vez o Jornal Nacional da TV Globo dá uma demonstração de parcialidade e falta de respeito com a verdade. A acareação entre Yussef e Paulo Roberto Costa, na CPI da Petrobrás, foi tratada como irrelevante pelo JN de William Bonner e escondida a notícia por toda a edição do JN. Em momento algum o JN informou que os dois acareados afirmaram que Lula e Dilma sabiam dos desmandos da LavaJato, como ficou evidenciado nas mais de 6 horas de CPI. A matéria ficou na boca de uma repórter. Porém, em contrapartida, quando houve referência a acusações contra Aécio Neves e Sérgio Guerra, o material ficou a cargo do âncora do JN, William Bonner. Ou seja, o JN continua tendencioso, vazio, supérfluo e imoral. Pena que as outras emissoras mantenham seus informativos em horários diferenciados da Globo, senão deixariam a Globo com audiência zerada no horário nobre. Se Sérgio Guerra – já falecido – ou quem quer que seja do partido que for, tIver a ver com corrupção, desvio, benefícios escusos, falcatruas ou qualquer outro crime, que responda por ele, mesmo que in memoriam e em sua biografia. Cadeia para corruptos, corruptores e bandidos da linhagem e coloração que for. É bom lembrar que por esse alinhamento reacionário da Globo no golpe de 64, nos anos de chumbo, a emissora sofreu nas ruas a revolta da população e o desprezo da cidadania.

Once again, Globo TV’s Jornal Nacional shows how partial and disrespectful about the truth it can be. Alberto Youssef and Paulo Roberto Costa’s confrontation at the Petrobras parliamentary inquiry commission was deemed irrelevant by William Bonner, Jornal Nacional’s anchor and editor-in-chief. The report was hidden during the whole show. The newscast never informed at any time that the two men stated that Lula and Dilma knew about the Car Wash wrongdoings, as it was evidenced during the more than 6 hours of confrontation in front of the congressmen. The whole report on the subject was delivered by a reporter with no footage. However, when there was mention of accusations made against Aecio Neves and (deceased) Sergio Guerra, the material was solemnly read by anchor Bonner. In other words, Jornal Nacional continues to be biased, shallow, perfunctory and immoral. It’s a shame that other networks keep their newscasts in different times, otherwise Globo would have zero audience on prime time. If the deceased Sergio Guerra (or whoever from whatever party) has any involvement with corruption, embezzlement, obscure financial gains or any other crime, he or she must respond to the accusations (even in-memoriam, tarnishing his/her biography). Jail to the corrupt, whoever they may be. It’s worth remembering that this reactionary alignment by Globo TV in the 1964 military coup caused the network to suffer the anger of the people on the streets and the contempt of most citizens.