Proposta para Tirar o Brasil do Buraco
A Proposal to Get Brazil Out of the Hole

This video was originally published on Facebook. In this video, I show a few reasons why Brazil is in such a desperate state as far as the economy goes, with chronically nearsighted and corrupt politicians thinking only of taxing citizens indiscriminately, never thinking about the country, but only about themselves. No wonder they are all considered criminals and many of them are, indeed, going to jail. I compare Brazilian and U.S. taxation, showing how absurd the Brazilian system is currently operating under. I also mention a proposal presented by a facefriend of a single tax, designed to radically change Brazil’s fiscal landscape, promoting its quick and sustainable recovery.

José Wilker, Bem Interessante…
Jose Wilker, Quite Interesting…

The late Jose Wilker, a famous Brazilian actor, is caught on this video recorded many years ago explaining how he presented suggestions during a meeting at Globo Network. The meeting was designed to collect suggestions on how to improve programming and other aspects of the network’s activities. Mr. Wilker candidly recalls he added to his suggestions a few paragraphs from a book. During the meeting, he presented his suggestions and read the portion of the book. After everyone in the meeting complimented him, his ideas and his research, he asked if they knew where he had obtained that passage. No one knew. He explained: it was from Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”.

…E o Carnaval Vem Aí!
…And Carnival is Just Around the Corner!

The “Impertatiz Leopoldinense” samba school will be criticizing agribusiness during the 2017 carnival.
And the theme criticizing the illegal animal’s game and drug trafficking… When will we see that?